Welcome to the Hairwraps and Feathers website!
The accessories we offer are designed to add colour and style at an affordable price. Our feather hair accessories and feather ear rings are fun and easy to apply. They make excellent gifts and can be sent directly to loved ones anywhere in the world. All our products are unique, excellent quality and hand made ( with some help from birds). An extensive range means a huge choice of colours are available so that you can choose the colours that suit your hair. Free worldwide shipping is available on all orders.

Hairwraps are made by tying brightly coloured string around segments of hair with either beads or trinkets at the end. While not particularly difficult to make, it takes a long time to achieve the length required for a hairwrap while maintaining the right tension. The tightness of the wrap will also determine how long it will last. They are now available in a detachable form so you can attach and remove them within seconds at the end of the day using a handy clip. Our hairwraps are made using specially sourced thread from France which is vibrant and does'nt fade after washing or in sunlight. They are easily attached and removed which is also good when washing your hair.

Feather hair extensions are very fashionable and an inexpensive way to give any hair style a funky edge. Hair feathers like these are worn by celebrities like Reece Mastin and Miley Cirus. They have become increasingly popular as a subtle but stylish way to add an interesting feature to hair. They come in a range of colours and lengths to match all sorts of styles.

Feather ear rings are bright and colourful, derived from a range of tropical birds to add a splash of colour to any look. Peacock and emu feathers are our most popular style in winter and have been worn by many celebrities including Miley Cirus, Madonna and Steve Tyler. The brightly coloured sets are popular in Spring and Summer when bright colours shine the most and are used to attract partners.

We offer fantastic discounts on wholesale orders of 10 sets or more and Shipping is free no matter how many sets you order. Select your feather hair accessories from our range and pay securely using paypal upon checkout. We hope you enjoy our unique range.